Friday, May 14, 2010

happy birthday

haha yeah. it was yesterday! i was on the phone with my boyfie and tons of messages was newly sent to my inbox! couldn't describe how happy and excited i was in the middle of the night!
i woke up early in the morning and sniffed the most delicious breakfast on earth! which is french toast with cheese done by daddy. he purposely wake up at 5.30 to do this for me. AWW:) even mummy was jealous. bhaha. i even brought some of the bread to school. people might be shy to bring food done at home to school. but i'm not. i can tell people that 'my daddy did this for me!' :D
when i reach school, wishes came. when i was practicing my emcee line, Divya, Tharvin, Afiqa, Hui Ying, Eda and May Sze wished me. tehee:) and then this silly Rhu Yee spoiled Loges' plan to announce that yesterday was my birthday. haha! so my emcee sucked. they said it wasn't loud enough cause i didnt hold the mic near to my mouth. my friends said my voice was different. and some didnt know it was me.haha.
i think 3 Jaya sang birthday song for me more that 3 times. and the group of rascal sang at least 6 times. haha. even Pn. Arasy who calls me Swee Li sang birthday song for me. Pn. Rosilina asked me where's her gift. haha.
during recess i was lost in the canteen, dont know what to eat. then i met Afiqa, we were both confused. and at the same time we wanted to eat ice cream! haha. she belanja me:) and Goh noticed its pink too. haha. HR board is sick of me liking pink colour. bhaha. Ainsha and her gang wished me too. happy:)

this little girl ar, she wished me so many many times! i love her card, even it isn't expensive, it needs time and effort. i love it honneh bunneh:D thank you! TS! your message touched my heart. honestly i read it like 5 times. haha. and i couldn't possibly reply everyone's message. its too many.
in the evening, went tuition. walked all the way to 7e. super far weyh! sorry b, i made you walked with me. super far, super hot. felt so silly weyh. haha.
at night, i cut my cake. it was chocolate coffee. awesome!:D and then i opened up my presents. loved the one my bro gave:D;D;D and i just saw my facebook page. damn many people wished! happy happy! :D
i think thats all. birthday is over. i'm 15 already, and PMR is coming, oh God. what can sound worse than that. urghh. more folios and practices to come. i'm busy with the Emcee thingy for Teacher's Day. u have to memorize. ohh. sick. nevermind, i have my musics with me:D byee!